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Business Courier

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My goal with project was to show my future clients what a news magazine website designed by me may look like. I was looking at many similar websites and created my own design for this. I hope you like it.

Business Courier's features

Business Courier's

Responsive design

This website is designed and optimized for both computers, phones and either tablets, what will make your users read comfortably your content on each device they would use.

Multiple post categories

The website has five posts categories and each of them has their own page in the menu. The pages display only posts which belong to the certain category. However, I made all posts belong to all categories, just so these pages are not empty as it's only example website.

Convenient post design

On the top there is a post title, small meta with upload date and hour and featured image of the post. Below these there is an actual post content under which there are social media share buttons. After them there are shown more posts with images, so user can stay longer on your website.

Searching posibility

On the right side of the menu on each device there is a search form, which lets you find anything that has ever been posted on your website.

All articles page

In the menu you can find page, where are listed all the posts that has ever been published on your website, what will make it easier to explore.

A few additives that can be added while making such website for you

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