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My goal with project was to show my future clients what a shop designed and set by me may look like. I uploaded a few stock photos of products, designed cart, home and product page and placed a contact form. I think such website is perfect for new or small businesses.

Most Basic Stuff's features

Most Basic Stuff's

Responsive design

This website is designed and optimized for both computers, phones and either tablets, what will make your users read comfortably your content on each device they would use.

Product categories

On the website there are two product categories, but basically there can be as many of them as needed. New added products automatically display in these pages when assigned to a certain category.

Convenient product design

On the left there is a photo of the product with its images under it and its title, short description and "Add to cart" button on the left. Under these there are a longer description and related products, so clients can shop more.

Free shipping treshold and convienient cart design

In this shop when the value of cart is more than 299$ free shipping is automatically selected. Free shipping treshold may really help you increase your sales, as people love to get things for free, even when they spent much more than they had to.
Except this on the website there is a clean, convenient cart design matching the other parts of website

Want to run website like this?
Contact me, ask me a questions,
so we can begin our work soon;)

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