The Old Czorsztyn

Historical website

The Old Czorsztyn

Historical website



This website brings back memories of the story of polish village Czorsztyn which was flooded to became a reservoir. The reason of this was prevention of the floodings which used to appear in nearby areas.

The old Czorsztyn feature's

The old Czorsztyn's

Responsive design

This website is designed and optimized for both computers, phones and either tablets, what will make your users read comfortably your content on each device they would use.

Monetized website

Of course, each website looks better without ads but if you want to monetize your one, this is one of the best posibilities. These are provided by Opt Ad 360 company, who cooperates with Google, but Google ads can also be placed.

Multiple posts in home page

In this website I made homepage show all the posts that were published. The are being displayed in rectangle with slightly rounded corners, what is meant to look something like retro style.

Convenient post design

On the top there is a post title and featured image of the post. Below these there is an actual post content under which there are social media share buttons. After or next to them, depending on the device, there are shown more posts with images, so user may stay longer on your website.


One of website's pages is gallery, which contain photos associated with its topic.

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